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@@ -143,3 +143,6 @@
[submodule "vimius/vim/tools/easymotion"]
path = vimius/vim/tools/easymotion
url = git://
+[submodule "vimius/vim/tools/narrowregion"]
+ path = vimius/vim/tools/narrowregion
+ url = git://
@@ -217,6 +217,17 @@ EasyMotion is triggered by one of the provided mappings.
check EasyMotion's [home
page]( for more information.
+## [NrrwRgn](
+Narrowing means focussing on a region and making the rest inaccessible.
+You simply select the region, call :NarrowRegion and the selected part
+will open in a new scratch buffer. The rest of the file will be
+protected, so you won't accidentally modify that buffer. In the new
+buffer, you can do a global replace, search or anything else to modify
+that part. When you are finished, simply write that buffer (e.g. by
+|:w|) and your modifications will be put in the original buffer making
+it accessible again.
## Git Support ([Fugitive](
Fugitive adds pervasive git support to git directories in vim. For more
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