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EasyMotion plugin: Init.

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@@ -140,3 +140,6 @@
[submodule "vimius/vim/tools/css-color"]
path = vimius/vim/tools/css-color
url = git://
+[submodule "vimius/vim/tools/easymotion"]
+ path = vimius/vim/tools/easymotion
+ url = git://
@@ -201,6 +201,21 @@ Tagbar is a vim plugin for browsing the tags of source code files.
**Customizations**: Vimius binds `<Leader>rt` to toggle Tagbar.
+## [EasyMotion](
+EasyMotion provides a much simpler way to use some motions in vim. It
+takes the <number> out of <number>w or <number>f{char} by highlighting
+all possible choices and allowing you to press one key to jump directly
+to the target.
+When one of the available motions is triggered, all visible text
+preceding or following the cursor is faded, and motion targets are
+EasyMotion is triggered by one of the provided mappings.
+check EasyMotion's [home page](
## Git Support ([Fugitive](
Fugitive adds pervasive git support to git directories in vim. For more
1 vimius/vim/tools/easymotion
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+Subproject commit bde4831d5c6922440651a3423c9b60116415f1db

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