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Readme: Add a note about forking.

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@@ -94,6 +94,20 @@ NERDCommenter plug-in, you can do that with the command:
$ echo "call janus#disable_plugin('nerdcommenter')" >> ~/.vimrc.before
+**WARNING**: We've noticed over and over, that people fork Janus just to
+customize it, this is bad practice for several reasons and you should
+not do that, here's why:
+- Janus is fully customisable and there's no need to change the core for
+ using a different plugin fork or using a different mapping.
+- Forking means maintenance, maintenance means burden, do not burden
+ yourself with maintaining a fork, that's what the `~/.janus` folder
+ is for.
+if you find yourself needing a customisation that is not possible with
+the current setup, then please open an issue or submit a pull request to
+make it possible to do so without having a fork.
**WARNING**: Any **uncommited** file inside the **janus** folder will be
removed the next time you run `rake` so make sure to either put them in
the custom folder (`~/.janus`), or commit them. We clean the janus

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