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Poor performance after upgrading #396

loganlinn opened this Issue Feb 4, 2012 · 43 comments

I recently upgraded my version of janus and have been noticing some sluggishness when switching buffers/tabs, especially when I've had mvim open for a while. At times it takes 3-5 seconds to switch to reasonably sized buffers.

Ive been trying disabling various plugins. Noticed some speedup after disabling syntastic, but it's still not same feel as it was prior to upgrade.

Running MacVim 7.3 (snapshot 64) on a more than capable Macbook Pro.

Is anyone else experiencing this type of performance degradation? Any particular plugins I should try disabling next?


Edit: The issues are likely due to having css-color plugin enabled and/or fugitive plugin's git information in the statusline.


I'm also experiencing this. Running 7.3 (snapshot 62).

Disabling Syntastic improves things but not 100%.

maletor commented Feb 6, 2012

Yes, this needs to be discussed as it is a serious issue. I am discovering it takes 20 seconds to load up 1000 line files.

carlhuda member

Specific filetype? Anyway of posting that 1000 line file to use as a benchmark?


I was seeing this as well. My speed issue seemed to be related to css-color. I see there was a recent updated to use a faster fork of the plugin, but my only fix was to just disable that plugin for now.


here too. Wondering whether it was related to vim-powerbar which I installed with the new janus release. I have a Sinatra project with one large ~1k app file and some small views. It always takes about 5 to 10 seconds to switch to the app file in macvim.

BTW, ever since this vim problem came up my Finder became slow too. I'm mentioning this just in case it might be a problem outside vim.


I'm investigating whether having git data in the status line is causing the delay when switching tabs/buffers. I've commented out the line where fugitive#statusline() is added in. Defiantly seems to speed up tab switching, but I'm not sure if that's the original culprit. I will need to test over longer vim sessions tomorrow.

maletor commented Feb 8, 2012

Any luck here? I know people that use fugitve and powerbar without janus and they do not have performance issues.

razic commented Feb 8, 2012

i gave up janus after this.


My last changes were disabling css-color plugin and removing git info from statusline. After a day of use, it feels about back to normal, which is great

I know people that use fugitve and powerbar without janus and they do not have performance issues.

The performance of a statusline with git info in it could be dependent on the repo... I have git branch displayed in my shell prompt, and in certain (larger) repos, it can get slow at times.


+1 on the poor performance. I upgraded to Lion a few days ago and was excited to try out the updated Janus, but the new version is really slow. I tried removing all but the most essential plugins, which helped a bit. At least it's usable in this state. But I just did some editing on a computer with the old version of Janus, and it's way snappier.

I really appreciate the work that was put into Janus and have enjoyed using it, but I think this is my cue to start curating my own .vim directory.


Disabling fugitive in .vimrc.before with the following fixed my performance issues:

call janus#disable_plugin('fugitive', "Poor performance") 
maletor commented Feb 14, 2012

Damn, I loved this plugin. Especially for Gblame.


I love the plugin too, and personally can't do without it. The performance issues I was having weren't from having fugitive enabled, it was from having fugitive's git information in my statusline.

maletor commented Feb 15, 2012

I can verify this. Sped right up. Now to file an issue upstream.


Beyond just poor performance, I'm just generally experiencing a lot of annoyances. For example, the CtrlP index seems to hang around forever before it refreshes. I really don't like the changes to window status bar, just kind of busy and confusing. When shutting down MacVim I now get all kinds of errors in the terminal window from which it was launched.


disabling fugitive also disables vim-powerline which I came to love a lot. For some reason I switched over to Terminal vim and it seems a lot more responsive than MacVim. Maybe all of you could give that a go as well and see if it's MacVim related for you too?

p8 commented Feb 19, 2012

Just changing the statusline fixed my performance issues

set statusline=%f\ %m\ %r


+1 for status line fixing issues. Fugitive worked fine before the big changes of Jan 2012 and seems to still work fine (i.e. no slowdown) after making the status line fix.

carlhuda member

I'm good with removing Fugitive from the default statusline. YADR bundles Fugitive as well, but doesn't add git info to the statusline.

/cc @eMxyzptlk

carlhuda member

I'm good as long as there's a wiki entry (or readme entry) informing people how to get it back..

carlhuda member

Syntastic and Fugitive have been removed from the default statusline. Visit the wiki, Statusline, for info on how to customize your statusline.


Thanks @adrianrego & @eMxyzptlk

@loganlinn loganlinn closed this Feb 23, 2012

I'll chime in here since it seems most of those with performance issues are on macvim. I use vim in the terminal with fugitive statusline customizations (2 installs with Janus, one my custom vimrc) I have never experienced performance issues related to the fugitive statusline customizations*.

Are you sure this is not isolated to macvim?

*I have seen the hang ups with ctrl-p.

maletor commented Feb 23, 2012

I believe it's isolated to MacVim.

@adrianrego adrianrego reopened this Feb 23, 2012
carlhuda member

Isolated to MacVim running in gui mode, not the terminal correct?


I've never seen it in the terminal.


not to confuse the issue, but i had slowdowns with macvim that went away when i disabled css-color. fugitive statusline doesn't seem to slow anything down, although my git repo is probably smaller than what most of you are working with.

nikitug commented Feb 28, 2012

I'm experiencing same tab/buffer switching issue in gvim.

sdhull commented Feb 29, 2012

Disabling css-color fixed it for me. Which is sad because I liked seeing the colors, but oh well.

mhfs commented Mar 7, 2012

I can consistently reproduce the slowness enabling/disabling css-color (MacVim). It's most noticeable for me while switching tabs. Sometimes it takes several seconds to switch to specific tabs (specially yaml files).


The fix suggested by @p8 got my iterm vim sped up when dealing with multiple tabs. Thanks!

tpope commented Mar 20, 2012

For the record, I just stumbled into this, tried a default janus install rewound to d2fe86e (which still had the statusline), and couldn't reproduce any performance issues. If someone who can still reproduce the issue wants to open an issue on fugitive, I'll be happy to try to narrow it down.

I was super performance-conscious when writing fugitive#statusline(), so this kind of surprises me, as does the fact nobody reported it.

billyvg commented Mar 20, 2012

I added fugitive statusline back in and disabled css-color and everything seems fine so far. I believe css-color was the culprit for my slowdowns and not fugitive statusline.


We disabled fugitive and css-color and things sped right up. I am also disabling tagbar, I don't use it anyway. MacVim became pretty unusable at some point, I got it back to working fine again. thanks for the tips guys.

ap commented Mar 21, 2012

I have pushed an update to vim-css-color to (try to) address ((a big) part of) the slowness issue per ap/vim-css-color#11 – if any of you who have written here would like to give it whirl and tell me whether it improves things for you, I would greatly appreciate your time.

@kalbasit kalbasit added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 23, 2012
@kalbasit kalbasit Update css-color, a version which skips loading invisible colors
(invisible = not in the viewport)

refs ap/vim-css-color#11
refs #396
sdhull commented Apr 6, 2012

@ap I've tried out the most recent commit of vim-css-color. Works very well for me -- no more slowness issues. Nice work! It looks and performs great! :)

ergelo commented Apr 29, 2012

Is there a way to go back to the pre-Jan 2012 status line?

carlhuda member

@ergelo checkout the wiki for some options.

I use vim-powerline.

ergelo commented Apr 30, 2012

@adrianrego powerline is awesome, thank you very much!


I was getting frequent slowdowns and freezes (affecting the whole system, even), and I think I've narrowed it down to some kind of Ruby documentation tooltips popping up when hovering on keywords. I think I've fixed it by setting set noballooneval in ~/.gvimrc.after (not 100% certain, but it seems to be working so far).


Ok I think I figured it out. set noballooneval is being overwritten by MacVim's built-in netrw plugin. Putting this in my ~/.gvimrc.after completely disables the tooltips and fixes the problem:

" Disable hover tooltips
set noballooneval
let g:netrw_nobeval = 1
let g:syntastic_enable_balloons = 0

edit: Syntastic also tries to re-enable them. You can use :verbose set noballooneval? to see which file last modified the setting.

edit 2: Syntastic still re-enables balloons after you save. Maybe the best thing would be to just fix whatever's causing the vim-ruby balloons to be slow as heck.

edit 3: For now, set regexpengine=1 (the older regexp engine) seems to work.

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