Thoughts on changing Scala submodule #400

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I feel slightly embarrassed asking about this but the unofficial mirror of the Scala plugin that I created a few years back seems to have been discovered by more Scala users and as a result has had a few fixes (nothing major) added to it.

I can't claim any credit what so ever for them but it would be good to have these fixes included; so what are folks' thoughts on changing the submodule?

PS I'm surprised Scala is supported at all in Janus, it seems a bit of an outlier and other languages that have more comprehensive support such as Erlang ( are not included.

tc commented Feb 11, 2012

+1 for updated fixes. I'm an active user of scala with janus.


@rosstimson Why didn't you fork the original repository and sent pull request back upstream ?


@eMxyzptlk I couldn't find that repo at the time, not sure if it existed. I haven't made any changes myself I just mirrored it so I could easily add as a submodule into my old vimfiles, if I had been making changes and if I'd found this repo at the time I would have just forked.

I think my main reason for asking for thoughts on changing the submodule rather than sending pull requests and eventually deleting my repo is that my repo has more watchers / forks from Scala users; I just figured deleting mine would upset more people and possibly lose users who have / are contributing to it.

kalbasit commented Mar 1, 2012

Ok well In that case, I'll change the default repo to be yours at the end of the day, or you could also submit a pull request :)

@kalbasit kalbasit pushed a commit that closed this issue Mar 5, 2012
@rosstimson rosstimson Changing Scala submodule. Closes #400
This repo has had some bug fixes from the Scala community.
@kalbasit kalbasit closed this in 4fd50a0 Mar 5, 2012
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