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Vim no longer detecting file types #477

readmedia opened this Issue · 6 comments

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I upgraded Janus and it no longer automatically detects file types anywhere for any file. I do Rails programming in Ruby all the time, so I added an auto command to my .vimrc.after

autocmd BufRead,BufNewFile *.rb set filetype=ruby

But it's still kind of annoying… anybody know the fix?


I can confirm this issue. I actually asked a question in stackoverflow.


The issue is with the lang/cvs plugin. I've contacted the author with a fix and he will be adding it in the near future.


@jmcollis Please let me know when he does or open a pull request to update it, Thanks!


why not just disable this plugin !


I think @jmcollis meant a problem with langs/csv, not cvs. Anyway, problem fixed here by
$ rm -r ~/.vim/janus/vim/langs/csv

@kalbasit kalbasit closed this in 95a4117

@schleppy @jmcollis please update Janus I just switched to the author's git repo and he seems to have fixed it

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