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vimwiki / markdown conflict #479

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I just installed janus on a new machine and copied over my prev rc files and custom plugins. I noticed that my markdown files had different syntax and additionally my tab completion and snipmate wasn't working.

When I checked the filetype, it said vimwiki. I could force the filetype to markdown and get my sytax back, but not my tab completion or snipmate.

I tried removing my .janus dir and .vimrc.before/after, but still got the same issue.

If I disable vimwiki call janus#disable_plugin('vimwiki') everything works as expected: syntax, snipmate and tab completion.

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carlhuda member

I contacted Vimwiki maintainer, if it can't be resolved I'd have to remove the plugin from Janus!


The easiest solution to this is to change the default setting of the g:vimwiki_ext2syntax variable in your .vimrc (or Janus could make this the default) as follows:

let g:vimwiki_ext2syntax = {}

The default value of g:vimwiki_ext2syntax = {'.md': 'markdown'}. This setting tells vimwiki to recognize files with a ".md" extension, overriding previous filetype associations. See ":help vimwiki_ext2syntax".




Vimwiki's dev branch
has already incorporated this fix. Have you tried the aforementioned setting?

let g:vimwiki_ext2syntax = {}

@kalbasit kalbasit added a commit that closed this issue
@kalbasit kalbasit Vimwiki: don't mess with .md or .markdown files
TODO: Vimwiki has this option by default and will probably be released
      soon, please revert when it's released

closes #479
@kalbasit kalbasit closed this in 25208e5

Note that if you want to use vimwiki in markdown mode (I great idea, IMO), you can have it all work via:

" make vimwiki use markdown syntax
let g:vimwiki_list = [{'path': '~/vimwiki/',
                     \ 'syntax': 'markdown', 'ext': '.md'}]
augroup filetypedetect
  au! BufRead,BufNewFile */vimwiki/*        set filetype=vimwiki
augroup END

I don't know why the fix wasn't to use the path to detect vimwiki files rather than break vimwiki for markdown users, but this will set things right.

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