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I'm attempting to replace the ZoomWin plugin that is bundled with janus with a newer version. From my understanding of the customization instructions, this should be possible by installing the replacement plugin into .janus. So I should be able to override ZoomWin by installing the replacement version into ~/.janus/zoomwin.

After following these instructions, the old plugin is still being loaded. I verified that the new plugin is installed correctly by blowing away the old plugin's directory temporarily. The newer version then loads correctly.

Looking at the ZoomWin plugin source code, there is a trap to prevent it from being loaded more than once. From the observed behavior, I would assume that the plugins in .janus are loaded after the packaged plugins? If this is the case, how would I should I override this plugin?


kalbasit commented Jan 20, 2013

That's easy, add the following to your ~/.vimrc.before

call janus#disable_plugin('zoomwin', "Replaced with a newer version zoomwin2")

and then rename ~/.janus/zoomwin to ~/.janus/zoomwin2 and you should be all set.

There's no easy solution for what should be loaded first, like you said this plugin protects itself from being loaded twice (as it should) but not all plugins do that unfortunately so if we loaded .janus first, it is going to help this use case but not all. However I will try to do that anyway.

May I ask, where is the newer zoomwin version ?



Thank you for the response, I understand the difficulties in coming up with a load order that works for all cases. I'll give this solution a try.

I found a new version of zoomwin at: https://github.com/itspriddle/ZoomWin


@kalbasit kalbasit added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 28, 2013

@kalbasit kalbasit Use a new version of ZoomWin
Thanks @johnhampton

refs #500

Issue #603 might be relevant here.


kalbasit commented Jan 25, 2015

Closing this one as it's resolved.

kalbasit closed this Jan 25, 2015

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