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@yesimon yesimon ~/.janus.before info May 21, 2015 766300d
@rianrainey rianrainey Explaining where list of included color schemes are included. Apr 8, 2015 d469b58
@weakish weakish formatting (minor) Nov 25, 2014 001b1dc
@vanyayu vanyayu wiki: Customization: fix plugin name for snippets Aug 19, 2014 756b31f
@dukedave dukedave Updated link to snipMate help file Apr 16, 2014 4dcc5c3
@kalbasit kalbasit Added a note about Rakefile branch dying Apr 18, 2013 f863c6f
@kalbasit kalbasit Fix honza's snippets URL Apr 9, 2013 4782c92
@alexmuller alexmuller Fix link to honza's snipmate-snippets -> vim-snippets Apr 9, 2013 1c2bc93
@rpattabi rpattabi Added few additional prerequisite steps required for Ubuntu 12.04 Sep 5, 2012 56f40a0
@rpattabi rpattabi Revert 80090785fff43e86e066027c7065d20019e14ebe ... c4ba5b1eabdeeb391cfd0e6bc32716a69be456d0 on Pre requisites Jul 14, 2012 356a710
@rpattabi rpattabi Updated Pre requisites (markdown) Jul 14, 2012 c4ba5b1
lillq Update the part on "Adding a new plugin, color-scheme, ..." to reflect that these need to be setup in a way that pathogen can load them. Jun 24, 2012 8a07553
@trungie trungie Added missing git prerequisite. May 22, 2012 8009078
@adrianrego adrianrego remove pep8 references May 6, 2012 e0e99ae
@richardkmichael richardkmichael Make an explicit note that ~/.janus does not behave like ~/.vim/plugin/. Apr 25, 2012 eddc5ab
@ericmuyser ericmuyser recursively recommends pre-requisites page. Mar 17, 2012 e05f599
@adrianrego adrianrego adding statusline wiki page Feb 22, 2012 4472303
@technosophos technosophos changed ect to etc. Feb 6, 2012 48df5fa
@kalbasit kalbasit Remove references to removed plugins Feb 2, 2012 e2b255b
@jess jess let me know if this works for "Customizing snippets" Jan 23, 2012 cbeae6a
@sbeckeriv sbeckeriv Be clear about the gvimrc.before file Jan 12, 2012 8ceb931
@kalbasit kalbasit Use short url for the installation Jan 11, 2012 cf17d67
@kalbasit kalbasit Removed rvm system instruction Jan 11, 2012 4aa479c
@kklobe kklobe added optional quick-and-dirty use of 'rvm system do' via an alias Jan 8, 2012 eed9b87
@bsaf bsaf Spelling Jan 7, 2012 ac3d92f
@foobacca foobacca add extra packages for ubuntu - good for lucid onwards Jan 2, 2012 dd8633d
@kalbasit kalbasit Use bash, on some oses sh is really sh, it's not symlinked to bash Dec 28, 2011 3cfe32e
@kalbasit kalbasit The experimental branch has been merged into master Dec 28, 2011 1869d95
@kalbasit kalbasit Created Troubleshooting (markdown) Dec 12, 2011 2c9fdaa
@kalbasit kalbasit Typo Dec 12, 2011 03dff0c
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