Painless installation of ImageMagick and Rmagick - Works on 64 bit Mac OS Snow Leopard
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**What is this?

This repo contains all the prerequisite packages to run an installation of ImageMagick and, ultimately, RMagick. This specific installation will successfully install RMagick on a Mac 64 bit Snow Leopard. It will also work on a 62 bit machine, Leopard or Snow Leopard.

All the scripts out there require that you download the packages from their sources, but usually the links are outdated. Another problem is that the packages themselves might be outdated. I am trying to exclude these obstacles by including the most up-to-date and uncompressed packages right here. If you find that a package needs to be updated, please fork and included it the project so others can benefit from your update.

**Why do I need it?

There might be many reasons why you would need this. As one example, to develop Rails applications that use photo handling (specially if using the Paperclip gem) and also captcha.

**To run the  script in one shot:

1) In case you have previously installed rmagick, you will need to run this:
sudo gem uninstall rmagick

2) Copy the content of this repo into your /usr/local/src folder.

3) Run these commands (you might want to run as sudo): 

chmod +x

4) That's it!

You might alternatively run the script at once, or line-by-line in your terminal.

**Tip: One way to see if ImageMagick is working successfully and supporting jpg conversions:

Drop an image file (.gif, .png, etc) into any folder.
Go to that folder on your terminal window
Type: convert myimagfile.png mynewimagefile.jpg

If nothing happens, it's a good sign: do a "ls" and see if mynewimagefile.jpg is listed in the directory.

**The installation script is based on a blog post by Solomon White, found here: