Paper, code, and data for a project arguing that politics, not need, drives governors decisions to oppose the Medicaid expansion.
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tl;dr - In deciding whether to oppose the generous Medicaid dollars offered as part of the Affordable Care Act, governors are extremely responsive to the political context but unresponsive to the level of need in their state.

The latest version of the manuscript is available here and the appendix is here. Replicating these results requires the state-level opinion data set available here, but the R scripts automatically grab these data.

To replicate the results in the paper, you'll need to change the working directories at the top of the R scripts in the R_Code directory and run the script do_all.R. This is computationally intensive, so it takes about four hours. If you care about just the main model, you can run just mcmc.R. The scripts rc_alternative_strategies.R and random_forest.R reproduce the two robustness checks discussed at the end of the main text. The remaining rc_*.R scripts conduct the miscellanous robustness checks discussed in the appendix.