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Releases: carlisson/nh1


16 Nov 12:08
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New features:

  • 1banner
  • 1cron, 1cronset, 1crondel, 1cronlist, 1crond - pseudocron task scheduler
  • 1builddoc and 1translate now can be used for other shell projects
  • 1diceware random password generator, including EN and PT_BR word lists
  • 1app now supports tarball and git (if you don't need to compile)
  • 1appxadd supports flatpak
  • 1app new recipes: dwd12, firefox, sengi, thedesk, whalebird
  • minor bug fixes


31 Oct 17:11
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  • 1pdfopt improved;
  • 1telnet created
  • 1ssh uses nmap to discovery available algorigthms and use them
  • 1token to create RPG round tokens
  • 1db to stores and recovery key-values data
  • 1backup improved with 1db: stores original paths to ease new backups (and futurely restore)
  • 1timer imrpoved with 1db: stores timer settings
  • 1hostgroup, 1hostset, 1hostdel and 1hostmig allows to manage internal host data
  • 1appxadd installs a system package, searching in apt and dnf
  • Some minor fixes


21 Oct 00:33
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Stable release with a lot of features: localization (en and pt-br), reference, 1canva and 1draw; autocompletion, 1app with 15 recipes, 1timer (including 1pomo), custom var in config file, etc.


09 Sep 16:47
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First release, with a lot of functionalities.

Run source nh1 to initialize and 1bashrc to "install" it.