A WordPress theme for podcast websites using Podlove Publisher. You can see it live on http://schnackbuddies.de, http://yaycomics.de, http://lebeninschnipseln.de.
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This is a Wordpress theme for podcast websites using Podlove Publisher. Although I use it on all my own podcast sites it's still beta and some basic things might change in future versions.

Supported Features

  • Customization
  • Child theme support
  • Custom audio player
  • Subscribe button
  • Contributors
  • Related episodes
  • Chapters
  • Widgets
  • Services
  • Ajax comments
  • Downloads
  • Notification bar
  • Customized admin menu bar

Installation & Setup

  1. Copy the whole privatradio-theme folder in your themes folder

You'll find two folders inside this folder:

  • privatradio is the base theme
  • privatradio-custom is a child theme start for your customizations

Don't touch them ever. Put the folder privatradio-theme in /wp-content/themes so that you should have this folder structure:

  1. Activate Theme
  • Copy themes/privatradio-theme/privatradio-custom to themes/privatradio-yourname.
  • Update at least the theme name in themes/privatradio-yourname/style.css to YourName
  • Go to Appearance > Themes and activate Privatradio YourName.

You could just use the base theme and if you just want to try Privatradio you can skip the child theme stuff. BUT if you consider to customize the theme later you should copy and activate the child theme before. All theme customization (menus, colors, background images, etc) is saved per theme so that all customizations won't stay if you change to the custom child theme later.

  1. Configure Menus

Go to Appearance > Menus and create menus. WordPress populates the main menu automatically with existing pages and you have to create menus and assign them to their locations.

Privatradio offers three locations where you can put your menus:

  • Main Menu: The main menu.
  • Footer Menu: The Footer menu.
  • Network Menu: A menu that is meant to link other external podcasts/sites. If there's a menu assigned to this location it replaces the site title on the top left.

To create dropdown menu items just place menu items as sub items under a parent item.


There are two ways to customize the theme:

  • Go to Appearance > Customize to customize colors, background image, header image, site logo and some other stuff very easily from the backend.

  • If you wanna customize HTML templates, CSS or theme functions: Create a child theme, copy the files you'd like to change to it and edit there.

Don't edit anything in the base theme (because you will override these changes on the next theme update). All customizations should happen only in a child theme.

If you have general improvements, wishes or fixes for the base theme: Please contact me, open a ticket or send a pull request on GitHub. Thank you!


Please keep the theme updated. This way your theme gets better over time and you stay safe for the latest browser-quirks.

If you customized Privatradio in a child theme or use plugins that depend on the HTML structure or CSS classes: Backup the base theme always before you update it (or note the exact version number). So you can restore the old base theme if something goes wrong.

The HTML output could change on updates (although I really try to avoid this for mayor releases) and in this case an update of the base theme could break your modifications or cause any kind of layout problems.

And the theme is in progress. It will change in details and sometimes even in bigger things. Use Privatradio only if you don't fear change.