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Below is a list of tips for submitting issues and pull requests. These are suggestions and not requirements.

Submitting Issues

Issues are often easier to reproduce/resolve when they have:

  • A pull request with a failing test demonstrating the issue
  • A code example that produces the issue consistently
  • A traceback (when applicable)

Pull Requests

When creating a pull request, try to:

  • Write tests if applicable
  • Note important changes in the CHANGES file
  • Update the documentation if needed
  • Add yourself to the AUTHORS file
  • If you have added or changed translated strings, run make messages to update the .po translation files, and update translations for any languages you know. Then run make compilemessages to compile the .mo files. If your pull request leaves some translations incomplete, please mention that in the pull request and commit message.


If you are able to provide translations for a new language or to update an existing translation file, make sure to run makemessages beforehand:

python makemessages -l ISO_LANGUAGE_CODE

This command will collect all translation strings from the source directory and create or update the translation file for the given language. Now open the translation file (.po) with a text-editor and start editing. After you finished editing add yourself to the list of translators. If you have created a new translation, make sure to copy the header from one of the existing translation files.


Please add tests for your code and ensure existing tests don't break. To run the tests against your code:

python test

Please use tox to test the code against supported Python and Django versions. First install tox:

pip install tox coverage

To run tox and generate a coverage report (in htmlcov directory):

make test

Please note: Before a pull request can be merged, all tests must pass and code/branch coverage in tests must be 100%.

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