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I'm in the process of converting a bunch of choice tuples to Choices. Currently I nest them to make them easier to read in the admin:

    ('"Photo" Books', (
        (PHOTOBOOK, 'Photobook'),
        (LIVE_PHOTOBOOK, 'Live Photobook'),
        (PHOTO_COLLECTION, 'Photo Collection')
    ('Other', (
        (ESSAY, 'Essay Book'),
        (OFFSHOT, 'Off-Shot'),
        (OTHER, 'Other')

Is there a way to do this with Choices?


Hmm, I'm afraid not, I'd never really used or been aware of the nested option (though I should have, that's really handy). I'm afraid it would require some significant surgery to Choices to add that capability; not opposed to such a thing, but not likely to write it any time soon.


Fair enough! Thanks Carl!


Fixed in 2e44f1c

@carljm carljm closed this Aug 30, 2013
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