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Custom model Manager get_query_set extra not working #34

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Good day,

I can't seem to get the extra select results when using an Inheritance manager and I can't seem to find any documentation on how to sub class InheritanceManager and override the get_query_set method.


class GeneralManager(InheritanceManager):
    def get_query_set(self):
        return super(GeneralManager, self).get_query_set().extra(select={'counter': 'some sql'})

class General(models.Model):
    name = models.CharField(max_length = 30)
    objects = GeneralManager()

class Car(General):

class Truck(General):

When using this kind of model structure when I do a General.objects.select_subclasses() each object in the queryset no longer has the 'counter' sub select. If I remove the select_subclasses they all have the 'counter' sub select.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


Looking at the code I don't immediately see why this would be the case. If you could provide your sample code as a new (failing) test in the model-utils test suite, that would help in tracking it down.


Hello, this same issue is still there, extra fields are not retrieved on child models. Any thoughts on how to fix that?


I think this is a consequence of how select_subclasses is implemented. It is just a wrapper around calling select_related with the subclass name and then following the attribute to the subclass instance, which you can do in plain Django. (I.e. instead of select_subclasses('foo') you do select_related('foo') and then to get the child Foo class instance.) When you do the latter, you don't expect to find the extra fields on there, as the instance you are getting back wasn't "part" of the original queryset. But when you use select_subclasses your expectations are different, even though what's happening internally is the same, because the child class instance you get back as part of your original queryset with the .extra() call.

So this could be seen as a bug, but in terms of implementation it's really more of a new feature. InheritanceManager would need to introspect the queryset for any .extra() calls, figure out the attribute names that are being added, and then manually copy those attributes over to the child class instance before returning it.

I'd accept a pull request for this, but I'm not likely to work on the implementation myself anytime soon.


Just ran into this... will whip up a PR later today.


Untested : #101


Glad to see some work is being done on this :) Will definitely help with many situations.

ps: funkybob I think there is a typo in your tests "self.assertTrue(all( == str( for result inresults))" where the ending should be "in results" and not "inresults"


Fixed with merge of #101 - thanks @funkybob !

@carljm carljm closed this
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