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<!SLIDE commandline incremental>

Let's start a project.

$ startproject testing .

$ sed -i -e 's/backends\./backends.sqlite3/;' testing/

$ ./ test
Ran 412 tests in 14.235s

FAILED (errors=2, skipped=1)
Destroying test database for alias 'default'...

.notes (Oops, guess we're not quite ready to release 1.4.) But 412 tests? 14 extra seconds?


I'll never get those 14 seconds back.

.notes Does anyone still need convincing that fast test suites matter?


Not all apps are created equal.

.notes Non-isolated tests break, isolated tests are pointless to run. Integration tests should be written by the integrator.


No problem.

./ test just my apps please

.notes Easy to solve with a shell script. But there's more...

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