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Will it Python?

  • Updated Dec 1, 2012


Will it Python? programs are ports of data analyses originally done in R into Python. The projects are accompanied by a series of blog posts documenting the porting-process. See for more information.


The code is organized into subfolders by translation project. The projects so far are:

  1. MLFH: Machine Learning for Hackers by Drew Conway and John Myles White.

Python and library versions:

The code is written for Python 2.7. Third party libraries used in projects are: - Numpy 1.7.0h2 - Scipy 0.11.0 - matplotlib 1.1.2 - pandas 0.9.1 - statsmodels 0.5.0 (dev) - NLTK 2.0.4 - scikit-learn 0.12.1

I'm also using IPython 0.13 to create the IPython notebooks.

These packages will be updated over time. Scripts/notebooks will usually indicate what version of a library they were first coded in. If unspecified, it's usually safe to assume the latest stable version will work.

IPython Notebooks:

The earlier chapters contain both IPython notebooks and python scripts of the code. Since I started the project, the IPython notebooks have gained more widespread use, so I'm typically providing only those. From the notebook, it's not difficult to export to a python script, but some code (especially plotting) may not be designed for scripting.


Translating R Data Analyses to Python



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