Recompresses JPEGs to make shitpics
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shitpic GoDoc

As explained in The Awl, a shitpic happens, “when an image is put through some diabolical combination of uploading, screencapping, filtering, cropping, and reuploading. They are particularly popular on Instagram.”

shitpic is a utility for creating shitpics. It recompresses an input file a number of times (default 100) and saves the degraded output.



Clean monkey


Dirty monkey


First install Go.

If you just want to install the binary to your current directory, and don't care about the source code, run

GOBIN=$(pwd) GOPATH=/tmp/gobuild go get


$ shitpic -h
Usage of shitpic:
    shitpic [options] input output

Shitpic accepts and can output JPEG, GIF, and PNG files.

  -cycles uint
        How many times to reprocess input (default 100)
  -quality int
        Lower bound of quality (0–100) (default 75)
        Reduce to 256 colors