A simple reverse proxy written in Go
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This is a simple reverse proxy written in Go. The problem it solves is that when developing a web application, one frequently ends up with addresses in one's browser like local.example.com:8000 instead of the cleaner local.example.com. The reason that many web apps run on ports other than 80 is that use of lower numbered ports requires a super-user on Unix systems. To work around this, just run simple-reverse-proxy as super user with sudo simple-reverse-proxy.


First install Go.

If you just want to install the binary to your current directory and don't care about the source code, run

GOBIN=$(pwd) GOPATH=/tmp/gobuild go get github.com/carlmjohnson/simple-reverse-proxy


Run simple-reverse-proxy -h to see usage help. Remember to use super-user if you want to listen on port 80, the standard web port.