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Reset Job
curl --data "job_id=%JOB_ID%&state=wipejob&type=reset" http://swarm-server
xUnit output
php /path/to/testswarm/scripts/get_xunit_results.php http://swarm-server/job/%JOB_ID%/ /path/to/write/xunit/xml/to/
Distributed continuous integration for JavaScript.
The Google Group for general usage and development discussion:
1) Create a mysql database and a user who can connect and write to it.
2) Load the MySQL database.
mysql DBNAME -u USER -p < testswarm.sql
mysql DBNAME -u USER -p < useragents.sql
3) Copy the ./config/config-sample.ini to ./config.ini and change the options to correspond to your MySQL database information.
4) Load the cronjob (changing the URL to point to your site).
crontab < config/cronjob.txt
5) Currently the server must be run in Apache (it uses a .htaccess file).
To run it from non-root, set contextpath = "/testswarm" (or whatever path you use).
And update the .htaccess file, use RewriteBase /testswarm/
Test if /testswarm/login loads, if not, put some jibberish into the .htaccess file to see if its getting loaded. If not, make sure AllowOverride is set to All (at least not to None) in your main Apache config.
See LICENSE for more information.