Monitors number of active AWS Lambda containers
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Monitors number of active AWS Lambda containers and reports to CloudWatch as a custom metric.


  • Create IAM Role (see IAM.policy)
  • Install and package zip file with source code
    • npm install && npm run package
  • Create Lambda function
    • Runtime: nodejs4.3
    • Timeout: 300
    • Memory: 128
    • Handler: src/index.handler
    • Attach newly created IAM Role
    • Upload source package
    • Setup 1 minute scheduling

##Options In src/index.js:

var options = {
    cloudWatchMetricNamespace: 'Lambda/ContainerMonitoring', // CloudWatch metric namespace
    metricName: 'ActiveContainers', // CloudWatch metric name
    activeLambdaOffsetMillis: 10 * 60 * 1000 // Time in millis that a container is considered active

##How it works Read more about hos it works here: