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A plugin engine for AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources
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lulo is a tiny plugin based framework for working with AWS CloudFormation Custom Resources. The purpose of lulo is to promote reuse of logic written for CustomResources.

With just a few lines of code you are ready to use all published plugins and if you can't find what you need, plugins are easy to write and can be either be published as npm modules or be used a plain nodejs modules exported within your own project.

The goal is of course to build a substantial plugin repository so please, contribute! :)


$ npm i lulo --save

For more information and a listing of all plugins, visit the project page A complete example implementation can be found here

Writing plugins

A write up on how to write plugins can also be found at the project page.

Why Lulo?

Because it's a very healthy fruit :)


The MIT License (MIT)

Change Log

Change Log

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