Develop Web Applications using models similar to WordPress’s procedural functions and table structure.
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WordPress-based Template for CodeIginiter

Develop Web Applications using models similar to WordPress’s procedural functions and table structure.

Developers nowadays are choosing WordPress as their default platform for developing small to large scaled websites. Other PHP frameworks, such as CodeIgniter are not often preferred anymore because it requires building from scratch. So I was thinking, what if we had a default template that make use of methods similar to WordPress’s procedural functions?

This CodeIgmiter template includes the most commonly used functions in WordPress, it will help you get started with your Web Application easier and faster. This template also makes use of WordPress table structure, all you have to do is get an empty table of WordPress and you can already start coding using the pre-made models.

The demo video bellow shows the features included in this template.


  • It uses the latest version of Codeigniter (version 3.0.5)
  • Includes User Model and Post Model that have methods almost equivalent to WordPress’s procedural functions. Ex: update_user(), update_user_meta(), get_user_by(), get_post(), update_post_meta(). add_term(), etc. Click here to view full list.
  • Pre-made template with Static Contents to help you get started easier and faster.
  • Comes with Authentication pages: Login, Register, and Account.
  • Ajaxified Blog with search and pagination.
  • Add, Update, Delete, and View blog posts.
  • Make use of CKEditor for content management.
  • Includes commonly used WordPress helper functions such as “is_user_logged_in()”, “current_user()” , etc.
  • Class-based JavaScript to entirely separate your scripts from your pages.
  • Template is made using Bootstrap 3.
  • Demo for AJAX multi-file-upload.
  • All query methods make use of Codeiginiter’s Active Record.
  • Why use this template?
  • Models are entirely based on WordPress!
  • Makes your life as a Web Developer easier.
  • Free to use, open source and open for commits at BitBucket.
  • Very light-weight.
  • Regularly maintained.
  • Only want the models?
  • Click here to download
  • Full list of Models and Helper Functions

User Model:

  • add_user()
  • add_user_meta()
  • update_user_meta()
  • delete_user_meta()
  • get_user_by()
  • get_user_meta()
  • update_user()
  • delete_user()
  • is_user()
  • is_superadmin()
  • get_superadmin()
  • email_exists()

Post Model:

  • get_post()
  • get_posts()
  • insert_post()
  • update_post()
  • delete_post()
  • get_post_meta()
  • add_post_meta()
  • update_post_meta()
  • delete_post_meta()
  • insert_post_category()
  • update_post_category()
  • add_term()
  • update_term()
  • delete_term()
  • is_term()
  • is_post()
  • add_option()
  • update_option()
  • delete_option()
  • get_option()

Helper Functions:

  • is_user_logged_in()
  • current_user()
  • autop()
  • is_email()
  • generate_random_code()
  • limit_words()
  • use_curl()
  • is_mobile()
  • is_serialized()