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+title: "Post-It #30"
+abstract: Bash one-liners, Flickr vs Yahoo!, low-innovation internet, draft posts in jekyll, a great zombie-related short.
+date: 2012-06-05
+layout: post
+lang: en
+**This is useful.** ["Bash One-Liners Explained"][bash-oneliners] is laying out in some detail the hows, whats and whys of bash's power in a number of examples. Part I deals with files, and I've learned a few new tricks! Bookmarked.
+**This is depressing.** I started at Yahoo just a few months after Yahoo! had snatched up Flickr, and I remember being happy about them doing it, for they were "the good guys". I remember the [delicious acquisition][blog-yahoo-delicious] shortly afterwards, too. I also remember what happened then, or better, what didn't happen, and how we were all a bit confused by the stalling. So Gizmodo's ["How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet"][yahoo-flickr] was enlightening.
+**This is sad.** ["When Will this Low-Innovation Internet Era End?"][low-innovation], asks HBR's Justin Fox. I think that's a damn good question. Related: Doug Humphrey's [_"we will still need an Internet, once we are done putting the Entertainet in place"_][doug-humphrey]. (Via [Tim O'Reilly on G+][gplus-oreilly].)
+**This is practical.** I was complaining about [Jekyll][jekyll] not allowing for real draft posts, but then I found [a simple way around that particular problem][gist-jekyll-drafts]. Works for me, but as always, YMMV.
+**Not your average zombie short.** This is good: ["Spoiler"][vimeo-spoiler] is a gripping, really well made short movie about "normal life" after mankind dodged the zombie outbreak bullet. No splatter, just intense and emotional story telling.
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+[blog-yahoo-delicious]: /2005/12/10/yahoo-buying-del-icio-us/

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