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YUIDoc Theme "Dana"

I like YUIDoc. I don't like its default theme. Since I couldn't find any other themes on them internets, I wrote my own, named "Dana".

Since I normally use YUIDoc to document either pure Javascript or jQuery code, I didn't keep any of the old YUI code; I've ditched pretty much everything and started from scratch.

Why "Dana"? Just following the lead of Evan Weaver (RDoc theme "Allison") and Mislav (RDoc theme "Hanna"), is all. Also it's the name of my wife. Ah, romance. :)

This is a work in progress. It's reasonably stable and working for me so far. YMMV. If you encounter errors, please create a ticket.


Here's the original YUI documentation in its original look.

And here is the very same documentation sporting the new Dana theme.

I hope you find the latter more pleasing. :) Click around a bit; check some of the class documentations for a more in-depth comparison; play with the filters; feel the luxurious yet cheap plastic underneath.

Built-in Goodies

I've taken the liberty of implementing an (IMHO) better display of object-type parameters: if several parameters are passed in as properties on a single object, only that object will be displayed as a parameter in the tables' first columns. As an example, let's say you're documenting three parameters your method is expecting:

* …
* @param  obj.param1 {String} A string!
* @param  obj.param2 {Number} A number!
* @param  obj.param3 {Boolean} A boolean, surprisingly!
* …

Here's how these would be displayed in the generated documentation:

Original YUIDoc theme: method( obj.param1, obj.param2, obj.param3 )
Dana theme: method( obj )

For a real-life example, see the docs for YAHOO.widget.DataTable's events.

This behaviour was added in the templates; I am aware that this is hardly the best place for putting new functionality, but I didn't feel like forking YUIDoc, so have mercy. ;)

Installation / Usage

I assume you've got YUIDoc up and running at this point. Just download this here theme, unpack it, and point yuidoc.py to it using the script's -t/--template option.

Tested in Safari 5 (OSX), FF3.6 (OSX), IE8 (WinXP).


YUIDoc >v1.0.0b1. The theme is using template variables introduced in one of the later builds. It's working fine with build yuidoc-50, so either get that one or grab the current YUIDoc master branch.


My thanks go to the YUIDoc guys, obviously. The original templates might be a bit shitty unorthodox in their free-spirited way of indention and cleanliness, but the overall system is sound. ;)

Also, thanks to my good friend Mike West, web dev extraordinaire, who forked the original YUIDoc and added Markdown support so I didn't have to. Big ups, playa!

This software uses...

Known issues

Code blocks (i.e. <pre/> tags) sometimes cause some minor layout upfuckery in the tables.


Carlo Zottmann, municode.de, carlo@municode.de. Nice to meet you.


Dual-license, MIT & GNU GPL v2.