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Remove PHPDoc for a nonexisting parameter

This @param was present since 7d538d3, where the SDK got signed_request
support. However, the parameter did never exist.
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1 parent 04168d5 commit 7ce1f326d470964ea3f492eb1ae597a573b1f639 @scy scy committed Apr 4, 2011
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2 src/facebook.php
@@ -768,8 +768,6 @@ protected function createSessionFromSignedRequest($data) {
* Then saves it in $this->signed_data
* @param String A signed token
- * @param Boolean Should we remove the parts of the payload that
- * are used by the algorithm?
* @return Array the payload inside it or null if the sig is wrong
protected function parseSignedRequest($signed_request) {

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