Raspberry Pi accelerated video/image rendering with Qt: custom QML components and QtMultimedia backend.
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PiOmxTextures (POT)

This is a proof of concept of how to build a QML Qt component that renders h264 1080p video and audio using Raspberry Pi hardware decoder. Also contains code to hardware-decode images to QML components.

In the piomxtextures_qt_driver there is a QtMultimedia backend sample using POT as a shared library.

In piomxtextures_poxplayer there is a sample player used to test the backend.

For more information on the project refer to http://goo.gl/KphzdD.
For some build instructions: http://goo.gl/9TZPxn.
For some info on how to use: http://goo.gl/TuiSyS.

For a demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SeJxQN-W2uA.

POT releases include builds that provide Qt Multimeida Backend, POT library, sample apps and Qt builds of most available Qt modules and, sometimes, complete firmware images (see http://goo.gl/KphzdD). I'll keep the project up as long as I'll see interest for it. Enjoy! ;-)

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Yocto image

There is a recipe to include POT plugin into your Yocto images: https://github.com/carlonluca/meta-pot.git.