Get a text message from your car every 5000 miles! 🚗📱
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Maintenance reminder for Carloop

Get a text message from your car every 5000 miles!

Publishes an event to the Particle cloud every time a mileage interval is reached.

Gets the mileage by continuously reading the vehicle speed through the OBD port and integrating it to get the mileage. There is unfortunately no standard way to get the odometer miles through OBD.

Flash it to your Carloop and use it right away


Copy the application file to Particle Build and add the Carloop library


On first use, a 5000 miles interval is started.

The interval can be changed the web UI or by calling functions through the Particle CLI.

Remote Functions

Name Argument Description
reset none Reset the mileage interval counter to 0 mi
limit value Change the upper bound of the mileage interval to the value in miles

Call one of the functions with the CLI using particle call my_carloop limit 7500

Remote Variables

Name Description
count Current value of the mileage interval counter

Get the value of one of these variables with the CLI using particle get my_carloop count


The app can be tested off device. Run make tests in the root of the project to run the off-device unit tests.


Copyright 2016 1000 Tools, Inc.

Distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.