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OBD-II CAN adapter for the Particle Photon/Electron and RedBear Duo

The WiFi-capable Particle Photon or better yet the cellular Particle Electron can turn your car into a cloud connected device!

Carloop's PCB connects your car's CAN bus network to the Photon, Electron and Duo. It also provides battery power and a GPS to track location.

Particle Photon Example

Carloop Photon Pinout

Check out the Carloop Store




Assembled adapter


There are a few hardware variants: Carloop, Carloop XL and Carloop Retro.

Here are the PCB design files for the Revision 2.3, the one sold on the Carloop store

Here are the PCB design files for the extended version that fits a Particle Electron. It is a prototype.

Here are the PCB design files for a "retro" variant with a K-Line transceiver contributed by Alan R.


The Carloop Library is available on Particle's Web IDE. You will need to flash a Particle Photon, Particle Electron or RedBear Duo with an example app which can ben found in Carloop Library. See 'Getting Started' instructions here:


Copyright 2016 1000 Tools, Inc.

Licensed under the GPL v3