Simple scripts for working with the D Programming Language.
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dlang-workspace contains the basic configurations for hacking on your own fork of dmd, druntime, and phobos on nix systems, while not conflicting with your installed stable version.

To install:

$ git clone git:// dlang
$ cd dlang/
$ git clone <dmd,      the central repo or your fork>
$ git clone <druntime, the central repo or your fork>
$ git clone <phobos,   the central repo or your fork>

Now, you can run this to build all repositories:

$ bash posix/ [clean] [item]

You can specify what item specifically to build (dmd, phobos, or druntime) as a command-line parameter, or ask it to clean instead of build.

It makes an executable which links to your fork of druntime/phobos called wbd. You guess the acronym (hint: MRI).

Everything applicable is released under the GPLv3.

Platform Support

This has been tested on OSX, Debian, and Ubuntu, and works without a standard install of the D system.

It doesn't work on Windows; pull requests to add support for that, or anything else, are appreciated.

Thank Yous

Thanks to Russel Winder for adding the clean command!