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Welcome to Materialize Hexo Theme


Live Demo Here

Features Overview

  • Home and Blog pages with different layouts
  • Responsive
  • Google Analytics
  • Pagination
  • Pages
  • Categories Support
  • About page
  • Stylus CSS preprocessor

External libraries used


Install the theme

You can install the theme by using:

$ git clone https://github.com/carlos-algms/hexo-theme-materialize.git themes/materialize

Then update your blog's main _config.yml to set the theme to materialize:


# Extensions
## Plugins: http://hexo.io/plugins/
## Themes: http://hexo.io/themes/
theme: materialize

After this, uninstall hexo-generator-index since this theme will use a custom index, we dont need this hexo generator.

npm uninstall --save hexo-generator-index

Create your custom index file on source/index.html:

layout: index
comments: false
<h1>Hello World<h1> 

Configure your site urls

You can configure any url you may want to serve your blog content, follow the suggested one:

permalink: blog/:title/
tag_dir: blog/tags
archive_dir: blog
category_dir: blog/categories

Post Configurations

Each post supports the standard title, date, categories, tags.


title: Welcome to Materialize
tags: ["ThisIsATag", "Intro", "Welcome"]

Theme Configuration

The theme's global configuration is done in /themes/materialize/_config.yml.


The menu is configured under the theme's _config.yml.

# Header
  Home: /
  Blog: /blog

PS: The Blog menu must match your archive_dir config.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Tracking ID is configured in the theme's _config.yml.

# Google Analytics Tracking ID
google_analytics: UA-XXXXXX-Y


This theme was created by Carlos A. Gomes, check out my github and blog.


If you have a question, feature request or a bug you need me to fix, please click here to file an issue.



Enjoy :)