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Switches to the watchr module. Note: watchr is written in coffee :( It is possible we might be able to stick with your current watcher but my fix requires being able to identify the difference between new folders and updated ones.

Adds optional rootPath param to primeBuffet() and rebuild(). This is then used in the watch handler to rebuild new directories that the watcher finds (at least in OSX, only the folder triggers a notification, not the files inside it).

The tests should be run in Linux before merging is considered.

cpsubrian added some commits Aug 2, 2012
@cpsubrian cpsubrian Adds a test for modifying a file. 47b67ea
@cpsubrian cpsubrian Change to 'watchr' module.
This also updates primeBuffet() and rebuild() to
accept an optional rootPath argument. If a path
is passed then the cache will only be primed/rebuilt
from the point in the directory structure down.

Uses the new path-specific rebuild to respond to
new directory events.

All tests pass in OSX now.  Needs Linux testing.

Tried running the tests on Ubuntu 8 times... only 2 times it passed. 8/8 passed with master though. Needs work.


tests run smoothly now, i had to add a short delay between creating a directory and creating a file in the directory, and also a condition where if a directory is deleted we need to rebuild all, because files that were in the deleted directory don't all trigger delete events.


@carlos8f carlos8f closed this Aug 19, 2012

btw, i cherry-picked the test for modified file. a87f56d

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