Programmatically decorate your OSX desktop with randomly selected wallpapers from National Geographic
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ngwallpaper is a tiny Python script useful to programmatically download and decorate your OSX desktop with randomly selected wallpapers provided by National Geographic. Supported repositories are:

I created this script for my own personal use. It should work in older OSX versions, and it should be easily extended to support other platforms, multi-screen configurations, etc. Anyway, I haven't tested this in other platforms / configurations, and I don't plan to do that in the future :)


  1. Clone this repository somewhere in your computer.

    $ cd ~
    $ git clone
  2. Install the Python libraries required by the script.

    $ sudo pip-2.7 install BeautifulSoup
  3. Manually execute the script for the first time.

    $ python2.7 ~/ngwallpaper/ --use-ngm-latest --use-ngm-archive --use-miscellaneous-galleries --destination ~/Pictures/ngwallpapers/ --store --retries 100

    This should change the background of your desktop and create a couple of files in ~/Pictures/ngwallpapers/: the wallpaper image and a text file containing some information about the image.

  4. Add a new entry to your personal crontab (crontab -e) to periodically change your wallpaper.

    0 * * * * /opt/local/bin/python2.7 ~/ngwallpaper/ --use-ngm-latest --use-ngm-archive --use-miscellaneous-galleries --destination ~/Pictures/ngwallpapers/ --store --retries 100 > /dev/null
  5. When using the --store, previously downloaded wallpapers are not removed. You may want to use the folder containing all those images as a source for your screen saver.