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Release process

All releases

This document simply outlines the release process:

  1. Ensure you are running on the oldest supported Erlang version

  2. Remove all -dev extension from versions (see below for all files)

  3. Ensure CHANGELOG is updated and add current date

  4. Commit changes above with title "Release vVERSION" and generate new tag

  5. Run make clean test to ensure all tests pass from scratch and the CI is green

  6. Ensure minimum supported Hex works with new release (instructions upcoming)

  7. Push branch and the new tag

  8. Release new docs with make release_docs, copy docs to docs/stable if appropriate, and push

  9. Release new zip with make release_zip, push to GitHub Releases

  10. Add the release to elixir.csv file in elixir-lang/

  11. Build and push standalone Mix with make publish_mix (requires AWS credentials)

New vMAJOR.MINOR releases

  1. Create a new branch "vMAJOR.MINOR"

  2. Move docs generation to docs/vMAJOR.MINOR and copy them from docs/stable

  3. In master, bump versions, start new CHANGELOG, add -dev back and commit "Start vVERSION+1"

  4. make release_docs and push it to elixir-lang/docs

Places where version is mentioned

  • VERSION (make sure there is no newline in this file)
  • src/ (not lib/elixir/src/
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