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Tradução do livro Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby para português.
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                 [[ Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby ]]

  "Quite so," he said.  "I went out to my car yesterday and there was a shoe in the passenger's
  seat.  A very battered oxford.  Looking straight ahead like it needed a lift to the cobbler's.
  I did a cavity search and came up with a crisp note from my deceased ancestor, the same 
  whose property I've looked after, lo, these many years."

  "Wow," I said.  And I glared at my shoe, at the things it would do when I'm gone.


You're pulling down your own master copy of my first book, a book I'm gallantly pursuing,
coding and drawing, tying into a bundle with wax and twine.  This master copy is yours.  You
can do most anything with it, I just ask you abide by the very simple and rather liberal
license for this text.  (See the 'deed' portion of poignant.yml.)

=== Building HTML ===

You will need to install RedCloth. <>

You will also need Rake. <>

If you have RubyGems, both can be installed with:

  gem install RedCloth
  gem install rake
  gem install syntax

To build the HTML version of this book:

  rake [en|fr] [/path/to/output]

=== What This Package Includes ===

  scripts/poignant.rb: The script which formats output for the book.  Currently, it only outputs
    HTML and CSS.
  lang-en/poignant.yml: The YAML text of the entire book.  The entire book has been written using
    Vim as my word processor and YAML as my document format.  I also use Textile liberally
    throughout the content.

  lang-en/localization.rb: Localization strings for the English version of the book

  lang-fr/poignant.yml: the French version

  lang-fr/localization.rb: Localization strings for the French version of the book

  Rakefile: a rake file to ease generation 

  scripts/layout/index.erb: An ERb template for the table of contents.

  scripts/layout/chapter.erb: An ERb template for the chapter pages.

  scripts/layout/expansion-pak.erb: An ERb template for expansion pages.

  scripts/layout/guide.css: A CSS file with fonts and colors.

  scripts/images/: The images folder.  Contains images at no larger than 800px.  These images are
    designed for the website.  Eventually, I will add a folder with 300dpi images.

=== Para a versão em Português ===

  Antes de executar o "rake pt", conforme explicado acima, primeiro rode este comando:

  rake merge_pt

  Desta forma, os pequenos trechos serão mesclados num único arquivo "lang-pt/poignant.yml"
  como era na versão original.

  * Google Groups:
  * Planilha: 
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