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* allow_values_for checks for any message unless otherwise given [#90]
* Allow booleans to be given to validate_inclusion_of [#89]
* Allow allow_values_for and allow_mass_assignment_of matchers to be executed in
the negative form by including Remarkable::Negative module [#85]
* Ensure quick subject bypass protected attributes [#87]
* Added :token and :separator to deal with :tokenizer in validates_length_of [#77]
* Deprecated validate_format_of. It does not have the same API as the respective
ActiveRecord macro, raising questions frequentely about its usage [#76]
* allow_mass_assignment_of when called without arguments checks if any mass
assignment is possible [#80]
* Add :table_name option to have_index (thanks to Lawrence Pit) [#79]
* Allow default subject attributes to be given [#74]
You can even mix with a fixture replacement tool and still use quick subjects:
describe Post
# Fixjour example
subject_attributes { valid_post_attributes }
describe :published => true do
should_validate_presence_of :published_at
* Bug fix when a symbol is given has join table to habtm association [#75]
* Association matchers now searches in the right database for tables [#73]
* validate_length_of accepts :with_kind_of to enable it to work with associations [#69]
In your Post specs now you can write:
should_validate_length_of :comments, :maximum => 10, :with_kind_of => Comment
# v3.1
* Allow validate_presence_of to work with associations [#63]
* Allow validate_uniqueness_of to work when scopes are not stringfiable values.
You can now give timestamps, datetime, date and boolean as scopes [#60]
* Allow subjects to be overwriten quickly (quick subjects):
describe Post
should_validate_presente_of :title
describe :published => true do
should_validate_presence_of :published_at
Is the same as:
describe Post
should_validate_presente_of :title
describe "when published is true" do
subject { => true) }
should_validate_presence_of :published_at
And the string can be also localized using I18n [#57]
[COMPATIBILITY] validate_associated no longer accepts a block to confgure the
should_validate_associated(:tasks){ |p| => 'i_am_a_robot') }
The right way to do this is by giving an option called builder and a proc:
should_validate_associated :tasks, :builder => proc{ |p| => 'i_am_a_robot') }
* validate_uniqueness_of and accept_nested_attributes_for now use the new
interpolation option {{sentence}} [#58]
* Added accept_nested_attributes_for matcher [#39]
* Added have_default_scope matcher [#38]
* Allow :conditions, :include, :joins, :limit, :offset, :order, :select, :readonly,
:group, :having, :from, :lock as quick accessors to have_scope matcher
* Allow all kind of objects to be sent to have_scope (including datetimes, arrays,
booleans and nil) (thanks to Szymon Nowak and Nolan Eakins) [#53]
* Added support to sql options in association_matcher: select, conditions, include,
group, having, order, limit and offset, plus finder_sql and counter_sql. [#48]
* :source and :source_type are now supported by association matcher [#47]
* validate_inclusion_of became smarter since it now tests invalid values too [#36]
* Fixed three bugs in validate_uniqueness_of matcher [#42] [#40] [#37]
# v3.0
* Added more options to associations matcher. Previously it was handling just
:dependent and :through options. Now it deals with:
:through, :class_name, :foreign_key, :dependent, :join_table, :uniq,
:readonly, :validate, :autosave, :counter_cache, :polymorphic
And they are much smarter! In :join_table and :through cases, they also test if
the table exists or not. :counter_cache and :foreign_key also checks if the
column exists or not.
[COMPATIBILITY] Removed callback, have_instance_method and have_class_method
matchers. They don't lead to a good TDD since you should test they behavior
and not wether they exist or not.
[COMPATIBILITY] ActiveRecord matches does not pick the instance variable from
the spec environment. So we should target only rspec versions that supports
subjects (>= 1.1.12).
Previously, when we are doing this:
describe Product
before(:each){ @product = => true) }
should_validate_presence_of :size
It was validating the @product instance variable. However this might be not
clear. The right way to do that (with subjects) is:
describe Product
subject{ => true) }
should_validate_presence_of :size
Is also valid to remember that previous versions of Remarkable were overriding
subject definitions on rspec. This was also fixed.
# v2.x
* Added associations, allow_mass_assignment, allow_values_for, have_column,
have_index, have_scope, have_readonly_attributes, validate_acceptance_of,
validate_associated, validate_confirmation_of, validate_exclusion_of,
validate_inclusion_of, validate_length_of, validate_numericality_of,
validate_presence_of and validate_uniqueness_of matchers.