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GMapz v2.11

GMapz is yet another Google Maps JS library. It eases the creation of Google Maps, it's responsive, supports the creation of multiple instances in the same page (each one with its own settings), the creation of custom styled infowindows, and other useful helpers.

You can view the full documentation (WIP) and working samples at:


1a. Use as Rails gem

Simply include in your gemfile:

gem 'gmapz'

and run bundle install

Then add in your application.js

//= require gmapz
//= require
//= require gmapz.autocomplete

1b. Use standalone

If you want to add it to your project by hand, copy src/js/gmapz/gmapz.js, src/js/gmapz/ and src/js/gmapz/gmapz.autocomplete.js (only if you need to add an autocomple input) in your project and be sure that its included in the pages after JQuery.

It's recommended that you give a look at: for a more in deep explanation of the pins, and the locations. In this repository you have two sample files for both of them: src/js/gmapz/gmapz.pins.js and src/js/gmapz/gmapz.locations.js.

2. Include CSS

For the responsive features take a look to src/css/gmapz-responsive.css that is used in conjuction with MQBE.

If you want to customize the map infobox windows you can use src/css/gmapz-sample-infobox.scss as base for your own styles.


  1. Add sample with default Google Maps pins
  2. Add static maps support

Projects using GMapz


  • 2.11 (2017/09/19)

    • If pin image is .svg it look for an .png in the same path if the web browser is IE (that does not support .svg pins)
  • 2.10 (2017/04/19)

    • Rails Gem
  • 2.09 (2016/07/15)

    • Rails Gem
  • 2.08 (2016/07/06)

    • Fixed small bug when adding APIKey
  • 2.07 (2016/05/31)

    • Added Google Maps JS APIKEY support
    • Set map language based on
    • Improved scroll lock / unlock behavior
    • Updated Lock / unlock control styles
    • Added sample with map initially blocked
    • Fixed prettify.js CDN url in demos
    • Several documentation improvements
  • 2.06

    • Small fix on deleteAllMarkers(); method
    • Fix maps initialization with 'bounds' parameter
  • 2.05

    • Now maps are initialized immediately if Google Maps API is ready
    • Changed infowindows parameters object
    • Added offsetPosition to the standard infowindow
    • Added custom class inside map to style infowindows
    • New sample of standard infowindows on the side of the markers
    • GMapz inside lightbox sample
  • 2.02

    • Removed deprecated sensor param in Google Maps API initialization
    • Fixed bug when using "Nearest location", more than once
  • 2.01

    • Fixed small bug with on 'idle' event
    • Now SingleMarkerZoom event applies once
    • Added setSingleMarkerZoom method
    • Changed names of the samples