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JQuery Palette Color Picker v1.13

JS component to pick colors from a predefined / restricted palette. Take a look to the demo.html included in this repository to see it in action.


Watch the demo included in the repo


JQuery 1.7+ palette-color-picker.js palette-color-picker.css / scss

Basic usage

Create a <input type="text" name="UNIQUE_NAME"> in your <html> document. The name attribute is used to bind the color picker to the input, so its recommended to be unique if you have several inputs with the same name, all of them will change simultaneously when user picks a color.

Call .paletteColorPicker() over the input element.

  // You can use something like...
  // $('[data-palette]').paletteColorPicker();

Color data

The color options for the picker are automatically get from the data-palette attribute. You can define the colors as an array of string values.

<!-- Array of strings -->
<input type="text" name="unique-name-2" data-palette='["#0F8DFC","rgba(135,1,101)","#F00285","hsla(190,41%,95%,1)","#94B77E","#4C060A","#053F32","#ED8074","#788364"]' value="#053F32">

Alternativelly you can use an array of objects in key: value pairs. If you set the data this way, the keys will be used as value in the input field, this is useful if you want to work with class names... or strings representing the colors instead the color value itself.

<!-- Array of objects -->
<input type="text" name="unique-name-1" data-palette='[{"primary": "#E91E63"},{"primary_dark": "#C2185B"},{"primary_light": "#F8BBD0"},{"accent": "#CDDC39"},{"primary_text": "#212121"},{"secondary_text": "#727272"},{"divider": "#B6B6B6"}]' value="primary">

Color data on plugin initialization

Additionally you can set the color palette in the options for the plugin initialization, doing so if data-palette attribute is present will be ignored.

// Basic usage, array of color values
    colors: ["#0F8DFC","rgba(135,1,101,1)","#F00285","hsla(190,41%,95%,1)"]

All available settings

  // Advanced exacmple
    // Color in { key: value } format
    colors: [
      {"primary": "#E91E63"},
      {"primary_dark": "#C2185B"},
      {"primary_light": "#F8BBD0"},
      {"accent": "#CDDC39"},
      {"primary_text": "#212121"},
      {"secondary_text": "#727272"},
      {"divider": "#B6B6B6"}
    // Add custom class to the picker
    custom_class: 'double',
    // Force the position of picker's bubble
    position: 'downside', // default -> 'upside'
    // Where is inserted the color picker's button, related to the input
    insert: 'after', // default -> 'before'
    // Don't add clear_btn
    clear_btn: 'last', // null -> without clear button, default -> 'first'
    // Timeout for the picker's fade out in ms
    timeout: 2000, // default -> 2000
    // Forces closin all bubbles that are open before opening the current one
    close_all_but_this: false, // default is false
    // Sets the input's background color to the selected one on click
    // seems that some users find this useful ;)
    set_background: false, // default is false

    // Events
    // Callback on bubbl show
    onbeforeshow_callback: function( what ) {

    // Callback on change value
    onchange_callback: function( clicked_color ) {

Destroy instance of paletteColorPicker

$( input_element ).data('paletteColorPickerPlugin').destroy();


Clear current control and value of related input.

$( input_element ).data('paletteColorPickerPlugin').clear();

Reset to inital state

Resets the color picker (and its related input field) to the initial value it had when it was initialized.

$( input_element ).data('paletteColorPickerPlugin').reset();

Callback functions

Define your own callback function that will be fired when a color swatch its clicked. Returns the color swatch item itlsef.

$( input_element ).paletteColorPicker({
  onchange_callback: function ( clicked_color ) {
    console.log( 'onchange_callback!!!' );
    console.log( $(clicked_color) );
    console.log( clicked_color );

There is an aditional callback is fired right before the color's bubble is shwon.

$( input_element ).paletteColorPicker({
  onbeforeshow_callback: function ( color_picker_button ) {
    console.log( 'onbeforeshow_callback!!!' );
    console.log( $(color_picker_button) );
    console.log( color_picker_button );

Reload the value after it has been changed programatically

The new color should exists in the initial options otherwise the selection will be reset to initial value.

$( input_element ).data('paletteColorPickerPlugin').reload();


  • V.1.13 (2017/07/06) New features
  • V.1.12 (2017/06/27) New features
    • close_all_but_this
    • onbeforeshow_callback()
    • Style to force bubble to be shown on left side
    • More samples
  • V.1.10 (2017/06/27) Some improvements by several people, thx!
    • slavede Added bower.json
    • eafarooqi Reload value after programatically update
    • wirthm Allow touch and click events simultaneously
    • evalibantova Callback feature and better closing
    • kleber099 Add option of set background color select in input
    • Desprit Fix rgba typo and comma
  • V.1.03 (2016/10/03) Added option to disable clear button, added methods to reset and clear plugin
  • V.1.02 (2016/06/08) Improved iOS / Android click / touch behaviour