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Fork of cl-slack, a Slack API for Common Lisp. This fork is intended for AllegroCL and has no external dependencies.
Common Lisp
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Slack API for Allegro Common Lisp

This is a fork

This is a fork of

This fork is WIP.

It's intended to be used only in AllegroCL and has no external dependencies.

Sample code

(ql:quickload :cl-slack :silent t)

(defvar token "xxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx")
(defvar channel "C000000")
(defvar client (make-instance 'cl-slack.core:slack-client
                              :token token))

(defun main (&rest argv)
  (declare (ignorable argv))
  ( client
                              (car argv)
                              '(("as_user" . "true"))))


  • Provide the client with a socket so it's not creating sockets willy-nilly and just reusing one (nice to use with socket pools later)
  • postMessage should actually use POST
  • include JSON lib (maybe Jonathan?), right now this thing is just returining text responses
  • Include support for rich message formatting
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