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Like a small bucket. Really tiny, in memory, KISS keystore for node.js.
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Like a small bucket. Really tiny, in memory, KISS keystore for node.js.

Have you ever wanted to share a global variable across your program but didn't want to polute the global namespace?

On top of that, have you ever needed some configuration, instance variable or what have you all over your application and just found yourself repeating requires and constructors over and over again?

Those days are over. pot will solve your problem. No, not that kind. :)


  • Getting/Setting the value of a key
  • Namespaces: you can pass a string to the constructor, and that particular instance will only share keys with other instances using the same namespace
  • Keys are stored in the Pot prototype, so as to be accessible application wide, but without the mess of global vars


npm install pot


Simplest use case, require, get and set keys to your heart's content:

var Pot = require('pot');
var defaultPot = new Pot();

defaultPot.get('a'); // undefined
    .set('a', 1)
    .set('b', 2);
defaultPot.get('a'); // 1
defaultPot.get('a'); // undefined

Using namespaces:

var potA = new Pot('A');
var potB = new Pot('B');

potA.set('x', 'hello');
potB.get('x');          // undefined
potA.get('x');          // 'hello'

You can even use it like this across different files, and the effect is the same.

If you need to, you can flush all the keys from a namespace with:

var pot = new Pot('byebyenamespace');


This software is available under the terms of the MIT License.

Bugs/Feature requests

You gotta be kidding. There is no possibility in this universe of a software such as this to have any bugs. You are entitled, however, to at least try to prove me wrong. I hereby permit you to do that using the issue tracker or by sending an email to xD

Message to our youth

And remember kids, don't do drugs. :)

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