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Design & Develop the web Faster! Perkins is a CSS3 LESS Framework
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Design & develop the web faster


bower install perkins

These are some things you should know about me, Sir.

  • I do my best at following Conventions over Configurations
  • My root font size is `font-size: 62.5%; so that I can express rems units as pixels ej. 1.6rem = 16px
  • You can edit any variable in your style less file (app.less by default)
  • They setup my base font size at 16px @p-basefont: 1.6rem;
  • Also my unitless line-height is 1.2 @p-baseline: 1.2;
  • You have access to @p-white, @p-black, @p-background-color, @p-link-color and @p-link-hover color variables for a quick setup
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