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iPhone X Availability Node CLI

A node cli tool I put together to check the iPhone X in-store availability near me instead of having to refresh the apple website over and over again.

Warning: This was very quickly put together so it is very rough and has a lot of room for improvement. It did end up being successful in letting me know there was some new stock near me a few hours after I built it so at the very least: it works!

By the way this was only tested on a Mac, I can't guarantee it will work on other platforms.

Feel free to submit a pull request with improvements or just simply fork it and modify it for your own needs. Soon there won't be a shortage of iPhones anymore so this tool will be irrelevant.

What it does

It continously makes requests to Apple's availability api. When it finds some new stock near you, it displays the stores' name and distance from your zipcode then exits the program.


  • Node v8+

How to use

  1. Clone this repository git clone
  2. Go into the directory cd iphone-x-availability-node-cli
  3. Instal dependencies npm install
  4. Run the program node index.js --zip=12345


Check availability for TMOBILE iPhone X 256gb in space gray every 30 seconds within 60 miles of the zip code 12345 (pretty much the default settings so we don't need to specify them here, the zip code is always required though)

node index.js --zip=012345

Check availability for ATT iPhone X 64gb in silver every minute within 30 miles of the zip code 02115

node index.js --carrier=ATT --color=silver --storage=64 --delay=60 --zip=02115 --distance=30

Use the --help flag for more information

node index.js --help


option accepted values default
model 'x' 'x'
color 'silver', 'gray' 'gray'
storage 64, 256 256
delay Integer number of seconds between requests 30
distance Integer number of miles from zipcode to look 60
zip* 5 digit US zip code Not provided, you must enter your own



Check for iPhone X availability in-store near you using node.js







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