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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<package xmlns="" version="2.0" unique-identifier="RailsGuides">
<meta name="cover" content="cover" />
<dc-metadata xmlns:dc="">
<dc:title>Ruby on Rails Guides (<%= @version %>)</dc:title>
<dc:creator>Ruby on Rails</dc:creator>
<dc:publisher>Ruby on Rails</dc:publisher>
<dc:date><%='%Y-%m-%d') %></dc:date>
<dc:description>These guides are designed to make you immediately productive with Rails, and to help you understand how all of the pieces fit together.</dc:description>
<output content-type="application/x-mobipocket-subscription-magazine" encoding="utf-8"/>
<!-- HTML content files [mandatory] -->
<% documents_flat.each do |document| %>
<item id="<%= document['url'] %>" media-type="text/html" href="<%= document['url'] %>" />
<% end %>
<% %w{toc.html credits.html welcome.html copyright.html}.each do |url| %>
<item id="<%= url %>" media-type="text/html" href="<%= url %>" />
<% end %>
<item id="toc" media-type="application/x-dtbncx+xml" href="toc.ncx" />
<item id="cover" media-type="image/jpeg" href="images/rails_guides_kindle_cover.jpg"/>
<spine toc="toc">
<itemref idref="toc.html" />
<itemref idref="welcome.html" />
<itemref idref="credits.html" />
<itemref idref="copyright.html" />
<% documents_flat.each do |document| %>
<itemref idref="<%= document['url'] %>" />
<% end %>
<reference type="toc" title="Table of Contents" href="toc.html"></reference>
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