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Fix patterns for $(git branch)

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commit 89b65614a953c55b83538f5637ef8662dba2420e 1 parent 0bde515
@hiroshi hiroshi authored
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +2 −2 scripts/manage
4 scripts/manage
@@ -1418,12 +1418,12 @@ __rvm_fetch_ruby()
branches="$(git branch)" # Grab a list of the local branches
case "$branches" in
- ([[=*=]][[:space:]]${rvm_ruby_repo_branch})
+ (*\*[[:space:]]${rvm_ruby_repo_branch}*)
# On desired branch, pull!
git pull "$remote" "${rvm_ruby_repo_branch}"
- (*([[:space:]])${rvm_ruby_repo_branch})
+ (*[[:space:]]${rvm_ruby_repo_branch}*)
# Not already on the desired branch, but it does exist locally.
git checkout "${rvm_ruby_repo_branch}" # Branch is local, checkout
git pull "$remote" "${rvm_ruby_repo_branch}" # Bring local to latest
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