Script that simplifies exporting all your stuff out of Thingiverse
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Script that simplifies exporting all your stuff out of Thingiverse
It creates a Git-compatible directory with a list and folders. Each folder contains all the files, images and description for each design.
Free your things! Au revoir Thingiverse!

Example of the result:


Not associated with Thingiverse, use at your own risk


  • Optional: Create an empty Git repository, clone the repo locally
  • Download the python script as raw into the created empty directory
  • Edit lines 17-19 for user, authorName, and authorDescription
  • Install PIP (sudo apt-get install python-pip)
  • Install requests (sudo pip install requests)
  • Install beautifulsoup (sudo pip install beautifulsoup) not BeautifulSoup4
  • Run the script from the same directory (python
  • Optional: Commit and push the changes into your Git repository

You can also browse the generated directories offline, by simply using a Markdown viewer (i.e. MarkdownPreview for Chrome)

New thingID
  • It will create a directory with the title of the design and all the necessary files.


  • Select which page to download (save your liked things too!)
  • Files can be downloaded OR linked from the original website to save disk space
  • Customize authorship
  • Customize the header for the pages
  • Select if files will be re-downloaded if already present
  • Select if things will be re-processed if the folder is already present (to save time when re-running for long lists)


  • Thanks to everyone who is re-sharing the script
  • Thanks to Derrick Oswald for writing installation instructions
  • Thanks to Mark Durbin (MakeALot) for a bugfix

Author: Carlos Garcia Saura (carlosgs)


Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.