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Feed JS - Standalone JavaScript template engine

This utility exists because feeding a template using javascript should be "a piece of cake". You certainly don't need to be dealing with all sort of crazy sintax and place holders when there is a much simpler, straight forward and efficient aproach.

Feed JS tries it best to adhere to simplicity, while keeping things flexible and smart.


None :)

Utility methods

Calling Feed.set_prototype() at the begining of your application will allow you to use Feed JS as a string method.

'Hello {{name}}'.feed( { name:'World' } );

// 'Hello World'


Feeding a template with a simple JSON.

var template = 'Hello {{name}}';
var data = { name:'World' };

Feed( template, data );

// 'Hello World'

Feeding a template with a JSON array.

var template = 'Hello {{name}} ';
var data = [ {name:'foo'}, {name:'var'} ];

Feed( template, data, 'json' );

// 'Hello foo Hello var '