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A bot I use to get summarized travel info for travel updates.

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Compacts key FlightAware info down to a JSON. Check out the unit tests to see how it should work. Designed to run on Lambda.

Pull requests welcome!

Deploying to Lambda

  1. Copy .env.example to .env. Fill in the values.
  2. Run scripts/unit to verify that everything is functional. It uses a saved copy of a sample FlightAware flight and does not use the Internet at all.
  3. Run scripts/integration to ensure that the scripts work on Lambda for your AWS account.
  4. Run ENVIRONMENT=production scripts/deploy to deploy the scripts into a domain that you own.


  1. Unfortunately CI/CD is pretty manual at the moment.
  2. You might get ObsoleteNodeErrors sometimes. Not sure why this happens. Sending another request should work.
  3. It uses PhantomJS/Poltergeist under the hood due to it being more compatible with Lambda. I attempted to use a Lambda-optimized version of Chromium and ChromeDriver but ran into lots of issues. If you'd like to try getting this to work, check out the feature/use-chrome branch.
  4. The flightInfo method is private to avoid scraping and abuse. Until I get around to using a Cognito custom authorizer, you'll need to add x-api-key: $KEY_FROM_SERVERLESS to your requests for this to work.


A bot I use to get summarized travel info for travel updates.






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