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Releases: carlosperate/ardublockly

Ardublockly v0.1.2

16 Oct 20:33
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Main updates:

  • Added Undo/Redo functionality (feature included as part of updating Blockly).
  • Added French language thanks to @aethaniel.
  • Added Portuguese language.
  • Added support for Atmel AVR Xplained mini boards thanks to @aethaniel.
  • Added support for Arduino Nano board.
  • Desktop application menu to open file is now implemented (before only the icon on the top right side of the application worked).
  • Sketch name field updated with filename when opening blocks file thanks to @RubensQRZ.


  • Toolbox category "Music" name changed to "Audio".

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed error when user tries to cut a block from the workspace but nothing is selected.
  • Fixed error when trying to save the sketch into a user file.
  • Fixed error on variable declaration when spaces are used on variable name #119 (thanks @ELundby45!)


  • Added first, incomplete, draft for "Create Ardublockly Blocks".
  • Added first, incomplete, draft for "Add New Arduino Board".
  • Added initial questions for the "FAQs".
  • Updated build instruction to include Blockly compilation.
  • Imported the block instructions from the Blockly wiki.

Other updates:

  • Blockly updated to commit 493fa91 (21st of May 2016)
  • Updated to Electron 1.2.0.
  • Ardublockly desktop is now a single instance application (user cannot open multiple instances simultaneously).
  • All of Ardublockly is now translatable.

Ardublockly v0.1.1

07 May 01:58
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Main updates:

  • Documentation from the GitHub wiki now included with the application.
  • Added Nederlands language to the blocks thanks to @bmcage.
  • Added support for long code type.
  • Much better support for unicode characters, specially useful for people using Operating Systems in non-english languages.
  • Performance improvements when dragging blocks.


  • Added block to read a pin pulse, under the "Input/Output" category, thanks to @notquitehere and @bmcage.
  • Added block to play and stop playing a tone on a pin, under new "Music" category, thanks to @notquitehere and @bmcage.

Bug fixes:

  • Workspace now resizes accordingly with window size changes (#61)
  • Displayed Arduino code does not have issues anymore displaying characters used in HTML (#50).

Breaking changes for developers:

  • Blockly.Type.BasicTypes has been removed (more info in 8c04540), so any customised blocks that were using the following construct for the block input and output types will have to be updated from:




    and from:

    this.setOutput(true, Blockly.Types.NUMBER.basicType);


    this.setOutput(true, Blockly.Types.NUMBER.output);

    (where NUMBER can be any Blockly.Type)

Other updates:

  • Arduino blocks have been updated to be translatable, thanks to @bmcage.
  • Static documentation now part of the normal build procedure.
  • Electron updated to v0.36.9, including multiple bug fixes.
  • Updated to newer Blockly, which introduces the drag performance improvements and multiple bug fixes.
  • Blockly is now built as part of the CI servers build system. So all snapshots in should run with all the latest changes added to the uncompressed sources.
  • ardublocklyserver binary built using Python 3 instead of Python 2, offering better unicode support.
  • PyInstaller no longer required in the codebase, so now is just part of the build dependencies installation (all to do with the server build system, no impact to the user).

Initial Ardublockly release

21 Feb 22:40
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Initial release of Ardublockly.
Enough blocks to generate a wide range of Arduino programs.
Compiles and uploads the generated code using the Arduino IDE.

Desktop application working on all platforms:

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher
  • Linux x86 and x64 (built on Ubuntu 12.04)