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Important note This repo has been improved and now it is available in the LAMP-docker one

Drupal 7 docker

A file structrure to have a full Drupal 7 installation in a docker container.


  • Drush installed
  • Composer installed
  • The last Drupal 7 development version installed
  • Apache and MySQL in different docker containers

How to use

There are 4 bash files to have a really easy way to do the common operations:

  • This script should be only used once. It is the responsible for creating and running the two images that are needed to have Drupal 7 running: the one that will run Apache 2 and the one that will run MySQL 5.5.
  • This script has to be executed everytime that you want to work with Drupal 7. It is the responsible for initialise the containers
  • This script should be executed everytime that you finish working with Drupal 7.
  • This script is auxiliary, just in case you want to remove the docker containers and images. By executing that script the database data will be removed

Normal workflow

Once you clone the repo you will need to build the dockers containers by executing the script.


When the script ends you will have Drupal 7 installed in www/drupal7 and you will be able to access through http://localhost/drupal7. Since that moment, everytime you want to have your environment working you will only have to execute the script


If you want to stop working you should execute the script



If you want to get a terminal in the apache (to execute drush or something else):

docker exec -t -i drupal-web /bin/bash


A file structrure to have a full Drupal 7 installation in a docker container.






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